How Does This Work?

So is someone ever going to explain how I see the profiles of people who posted a comment? Sister this question is for you! love ya

one love I’m out



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So seeing this title you may think one of two things, I feel my life is sprialing down and I’m trainwrecking into diaster OR you may think of when I was 15 years old I was ran over by a train. And if you chose option two you are correct! 9 years ago today I was 15 and stupid in the thought of love, and trust me I still haven’t learned my lesson in that situation either. I was under the influence of alcohol and decided with the peer presure of others to ride a train, ya I know you’re probably thinking, is this girl CRAZY? and yes yes i am, lol. Today is a big day for me, I coming into being okay with what has happened to me in life. I know you would think  I should have moved on by now, but hey everyone has their own path for healing. Physically I’ve been healed for a long time (and sometimes I still sufer from thatt too!) but emotionally I’ve been waiting a solution. Please don’t take this as a sign of depression, everyone suffers from depresssion this is expression the great thing about this whole blog thing, someone could and could not read this, but at least i get it out and shoudl someone read this may it give them a glimspe of inspriation to enjoy life for what it’s got no matter what hand you’ve been dealt. well love everyone I wanna spend today outside It’s B-E-A-utiful in Sunny Colorado today and I want to be outside. one love me

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Slowly Coming Into My Own!

So I’ve learned how to blog. YEAH! I’ve only been on this earth 24 years but I some how feel I’ve been here longer than that. Why is that? Everyone always says to me, “Kimberly, you’re an ‘old soul’!” What the fuck does that mean n-e ways? All I know is I sometimes indentify with people who are much older than me, how does that constitute as an ‘Old Soul’? I live everyday like every other person on this planet. I work, laugh, cry, sing (more in the car than anything), share, and love. I try to embrase the old fashion things in life, maybe that is what people mean by ‘old soul’, maybe some may think that I’m ignorant but honestly I dream of some Rockwell painting and wish I was there. I enjoy simple things in life. I try to do things my way though. I don’t know, i’m rabbling on….I’m out! one love me

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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